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Super Bowl Munchies

Super Bowl was yesterday and while I’m not a huge football fan, I’m the type of person that would like to invite people over just to make the food. Living here I don’t entertain….like at all, because I’m one of those people who thinks their house is too small. But it’s not. We just don’t know that many people we can invite over and due to his schedule, he’s often tired and just wants to hang out with our small family. Fair enough. I’ll just hold out until we move back home so I can host some things there ;).

While I may not be a football person, my husband is a die hard Steelers fan. On those game days I always asked him what he wants to munch on for the games and 95% of the time it’s met with a “Whatever you want babe”. UGH. Sometimes I wish I had an excuse to attempt this bad boy:


Image result for super bowl food
Excessive, I know


I don’t know why but when I ask him I expect to get an “Oh, well could you make a hot dip, in a bread bowl?” “Some pretzels and dip would be cool” “Mexican corn?” things of that nature. I get happy when he asks for things because I’m that kind of person who hears “Oh, well could you make a hot dip, in one of those crusty bread bowls? From scratch is better because I know you like to bake” “Some soft pretzels with that delicious sounding beer dip you’ve been wanting to try” “Mexican corn so you can use up some of the pico de gallo?!”

Then in my head I’m like…..th6l64kfa5“I got you babe, get the kids away from me for the next few hours and I’ll have your unnecessary spread of foods that we won’t finish in a day.”

Yes, I’m one of those types of people! I realize that on a small-scale I can do those things but if I were to make it for a crowd? Of course I’d take some shortcuts here and there but I haven’t attained that level of wifehood yet.

Anyways, when he told me “whatever” then I realized that the quintessential game day food, condiment and liked overall was chili! BUT to be honest, I’m not a chili person. The type of chili I grew up on was traditional Mexican style chili. My dad used to make a version of chili his mom made using a special kind of chorizo from Arizona, so that was my standard. Also, the types of chili flavor I was always used to came from the pure form of it, from Guajillo, New Mexico chilies or other forms of whole dried chilies. THAT to me was chili, chili con carne. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had chili before but since it was a heavy tomato base, I was never a fan. When i was pregnant with my twins I loved Wendy’s chili for some odd reason, I dont know why but it was the only chili I craved.

Realizing I’m not a chili fan, I don’t really like the usual type of chili and I have never made it before I decided to attempt whipping one up. This was the result, not something I’m proud of to share but it was ok. I will need to make some adjustments before I test another batch later on.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The kids ate up the cornbread, I made some hotdogs in the crockpot for them, 2/3 enjoyed the potato bites and of course they enjoyed the strawberries.

I get from people sometimes how I’m able to cook the food I do because of the kids and It’s just been a learning process. There’s no magic involved, just some saved movies they love on DirectTv, distraction with games or coloring and good ole fashioned kicking out of the kitchen ;). They’ve learned over the years that if they want to eat they need to leave mommy alone so they caught onto that because they’re lil fatties and want to eat heh.


So, what sort of game day foods did you try this season? Any recipes you’re weary of trying or have attempted?

Let me know below so I don’t feel like I’m the only one who hasn’t made chili!




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