Triple Chocolate Anniversary Cake

This is going to be a short one but I thought I’d share this chocolate cake recipe because it is SOOOOOOOOOOOO good!! On Sunday “we celebrated” our 5th wedding anniversary! He’s out in the field (artilleryman in the Marine Corps) so I decided to treat myself. Since we had a super intimate courthouse ceremony, we didn’t have a wedding cake. Every year I like to make a little cake, to celebrate because we didn’t have time to get one. Since he doesn’t have a say in the flavor this year, I wanted to do a triple chocolate cake because I LOVE chocolate.

I ended up finding a recipe for a delicious cake, decided to do  a chocolate ganache filling and frost the whole thing with a Nutella buttercream. The cake recipe made a lot (1-6in cake, 18 cupcakes) so I ended up giving away most of the cupcakes. I was trying to practice piping roses for another thing I have in mind, but since I went with a crème de cacao buttercream, it didn’t pipe how I wanted it to. That and it was getting late and I was tired. Anyways, my testers said the cake was delicious and you can’t go wrong with a chocolate ganache filling in cupcakes anyways, right?


Image may contain: dessert and food
The crumb on it was just perfect


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The pink frosting was the crème de cacao buttercream


If you’d like to try these recipes I’m just going to link them below!

Recipe for the chocolate cake– She also has a recipe for a Nutella buttercream

The Nutella buttercream recipe

The chocolate ganache filling was just a  2:1 ratio of chocolate to heavy cream, 1:1 of butter and strong coffee. This would be enough to 2 layers of ganache filling in a 6in cake or enough to fill the 18 cupcakes (should at least).

When he get’s back from the field I plan on baking another cake, different flavor but since #5 is the wood anniversary, I plan on attempting a birch tree cake. Hence why I wanted to practice my rose piping.



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